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Discover Your Home’s Value

I’d be happy to run a market analysis for you to get the process started, just fill in the form below and I’ll contact you in 24 hours or less.

Process for Selling your Home:

  1. We will find out how much your home is worth
  2. We will get home ready for sale
  3. We will market your home (photos, videos, etc.)
  4. We will show your home
  5. We will receive purchase offers and negotiate
  6. We will open escrow and order title
  7. We will schedule appraiser appointment
  8. We will cooperate with Home Inspection
  9. We will obtain Seller-Required Inspections
  10. We will deliver Seller Disclosures
  11. We will Negotiate Request for Repairs (if necessary)
  12. We will ask Buyer to Release Contingencies
  13. We will Sign Title and Escrow Documents
  14. We will Close Escrow and you will be on your way!